Admin tool for Code Green Square app

The new admin tool enables internal team to manage and configure everything within the app with ease.

My role

I owned the entire project from the beginning to an end, worked directly with the CEO (stakeholder), led and facilitated meetings with the engineers.


1 Product designer,1 CEO (stakeholder),2 Engineers


Leaders of Green Society (based in South Korea)


Jan 2024-Mar 2024
(3 months)


Code Green Square is a consumer app in South Korea that aims to encourage eco-friendly lifestyle by allowing users to complete specific daily tasks and earn points that can be used to purchase various products. The team needed an admin tool where they can easily manage and configure everything within the app.

Code Green Square app snapshots

Create tasks

The new tool enables admins to create tasks that are implemented in real time. Task creation is divided into 6 steps in order to maximize user-friendliness.

Manage tasks

Admins can manage every aspects of tasks operation such as making changes, deactivating, and reactivating.

Manage submitted tasks by users

Admins can either approve or decline tasks submitted by users. Pending tasks are labeled with numbers in order to create sense of urgency.